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Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am on a roll tonight! It feels good to finally get myself caught up with these posts :) Especially because I have more posts that are not related to this challenge, I just want to get all of these up before I start other posts :)

I didn't pick this pattern for any reason other than it was a stamp that I haven't used before. It was Cheeky plate CH13. The two colors I used were Ulta, Celebutante and O.P.I., Do You Lilac It? Although it is a stamp, I did have to use my nail art brush and go over the stamped area. The base color is the O.P.I. and I used the Ulta polish to stamp with. It stamped pretty well, it just wasn't dark enough so I filled in the stamped area to make the colors match on all of the nails...I hope that makes sense :P

So because this design is super simple, I am going to keep this post short and simple :) And I will be back shortly with more designs to show you guys!

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