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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween :) I know it's now November, but now that I am settled in after the move I wanted to catch you guys up on some of the designs I have done. I was not able to finish the 31 Day Nail Challenge, but I think I still will...just because I don't like leaving things unfinished :P So you guys can look forward to that as well!

Because of the move I decided to throw away my old light box (it was a little beat up lol) so that I could make a new one, but I wasn't able to make one until a few days ago, so some of these designs don't have the best lighting :( I tried to find the best lighting I could in the new house, so bear with me :P

This first design is actually one that I kind of did last year. I did a Halloween design last year with one nail like this and loved it so much I knew that I would have to do a whole mani!

Looking at this design I love that I used leaves in the background...but the lighting was horrible! :P If you can't tell I did a leaf design, which was inspired by Cherry Nail Art on YouTube. If you get a chance, click on the link, it will take you right to the video. It is a really fun technique and not to complicated, I absolutely loved it! It was way fun and such a gorgeous design!

This one is also inspired by Cherry Nail Art. I watched her video on this design a long time ago and loved it! I knew that I wanted to try it and after trying out her leaf design, I decided to give this one a try :) The only thing I didn't like was that I didn't have a lighter grey to use for the background color and I really didn't want to try to make one :P But other than that I loved this one as well!

And this last one, which is my favorite! As I was laying in bed the night before Halloween this idea popped into my head so I wrote it down before I went to bed and the next day I painted that idea onto my nails! I am so in love with this design! I love how fun and playful it is :) And I love the pumpkins alot more than I thought I would. So because we're now getting closer to Thanksgiving, I can still do pumpkins...maybe I will do a whole mani with pumpkins!?

Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out my post :) I hope you liked my Halloween designs and I will be back to post the rest of my 31 Day Challenge, hopefully soon! Have a great day!!

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