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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Day 25, Inspired by Fashion is always a hard day for me. I probably go through Google for an hour or longer trying to find something I like without it being super difficult. I always find dresses and styles that I love and those pictures usually end up on Pinterest :P ...But they aren't designs that I can really do much with as far as nail art goes. So this design is actually pretty simple...and I apologize in advance because the lighting in the pictures are terrible! :( I've had to experiment with the lighting in the new house...I used to use the natural light on my balcony in the old house, but here it has been cloudy alot and so I've had to find the best lighting I can inside.

This is the picture I chose :) Cute, simple flower print.

...and my sad pink blobs :(

This design turned out super cute, but because of the lighting my "flowers" just look like pink blobs :( You can barely see the darker color in each of the flowers. I do love this design, it would be absolutely perfect in the spring with some bright fun clothes! I wish the lighting had turned out better...I even took my photos twice, because believe it or not my first set of photos turned out even worse! :S

I started this design with my base coat of China Glaze, White On White and using a dotting tool made pink blobs (lol) with Silky Polish, Viole Serenade. Then using a small brush and Julep, Nellie I made small "U" shapes starting in the center of each blob and working my way out to the edges. With green acrylic paint and my small brush I filled the empty spaces with leaves. I have done a pictorial on this before, you can see it here. It is kind of small, but it's pretty easy :)

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