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Friday, January 25, 2013


Hey everyone! :) I know it's kind of late, but today is one of the days of my January Nail Art Challenge. I finished the design a few hours ago, but wasn't near my computer until recently...

So today's theme is 'Silver', which I actually wasn't to excited about to be honest hahah. I really wanted to do something fun and summery :) But that's the design I had on before I did this new one, so check my next post to see what fun summer design I did :)

I have to tell you guys, painting my nails today was so much fun because I had one of my friends come over and we had one of our famous nail parties! :) We bought pizza, chips and drinks, put in a movie and went to town on our nails :P At first I had no idea what I was going to do for todays theme, so I started looking on Instagram for inspiration, but it was one of those times when you just have to pull out your polishes for inspiration :) I decided I wanted to use the silver glitter that my mom bought me for Christmas and pair it with something else. At first I was going to do a plain bright pink...but then my friend showed me this Beautiful color by Orly (I apologize I do not know the name of it :S) and I knew I Had to use it lol. She also let me use some of her rhinestones, which I will definitely have to go buy myself some now :P They totally enhanced the look of the design, and pull everything together :) 

Overall this design is really fun and pretty, but it kind of reminds me of a high school prom manicure :P Which isn't a bad thing...but it's not really the look I was going for. The one thing that really made me mad was when I was done. I finished this manicure and within 10 minutes the edges had pushed back so it looked like I had worn the polish off already! So I had to keep applying the pink to the edge of the nail and the polish ended up getting really thick. But other than that it was a fun design to do and I am really satisfied with this look :)

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