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Monday, January 14, 2013


As promised I have some swatches to show you guys :) If you read my post about my Christmas presents you most likely saw all of the colors I got for Christmas (if you didn't read it you can see it  here). So my swatches today (for this post) are by Revlon :P I didn't realize how long it takes to do swatches when you have so many new colors lol. I was able to do these ones, and the 4 Sinful Colors, which will be my next post.

This pink is called Temptress, it's a beautiful opaque pink! I only needed 2 coats to get the coverage I wanted :) Before Christmas/December I didn't have any light/pastel pinks and now I have 3 lol. This color is very similar to my O.P.I. Pink Friday, and the third one is by Ulta, which I have not had a chance to swatch yet. 

This beautiful orange is called Siren, which only needed 2 coats, and in my opinion it's the perfect color orange. Normally if I heard the word 'Siren' I would think of red, but I guess it works for orange too :P 

All but two of the colors I tested, I put a top coat of Seche Vite on...this one is one of the ones I did not put any top coat on (the second is part of the Sinful Colors post). Once I had painted the first coat I realized it was a matte polish, THEN I  noticed the bottle said "Matte Suede" lol. It is absolutely gorgeous! Emerald City is the name of this one, which kind of fits. When I hear Emerald City and think of the Wizard, this is the color green he wears :)

The only thing I didn't like about this color is it took 3 coats to get the entire nail completely covered, and it was very difficult to clean off of my cuticles. But other than that I really do love this color :) and I love that it has a matte finish!

This is the last of the polishes by Revlon. It's called Silver Dollar. I have to admit that I was not impressed with this one. The finished look is very eye catching, but the formula for this polish was very, very runny. I had to shake the bottle every single time I put the brush back into it, otherwise I just pulled out a brush with clear polish instead of silver sparkles. Also, because of how runny it was if you put to much on your nail at one time the sparkles went everywhere! lol. This was a hard one to clean. I had sparkles on my hands for a few hours after I took it off. So after all of that, good color, but not very good polish.

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