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Friday, January 11, 2013


This design is one of my new favorites :) I am excited to see what everyone thinks of this one! The theme for Day 7 is Pastel. I didn't have any pastel colors about a month ago and now I have about 6 or 7 :) and I love them! I can't wear pastel clothing very well because it makes my skin look really white, but I can pull off pastel colors on my nails.

Do you guys remember my post about the brush stroke technique I learned? I used my crackle polish? If not you can find it here. I used that same technique to create this look. Using O.P.I., Pink Friday, and Do You Lilac It?, along with Essie, Borrowed & Blue, I created this fun, brush stroke design :) 

As you can tell I also used a stamp over top of the brush strokes, using Sinful Colors, Snow Me White, and Cheeky plate CH10. I think the stamp really made this design pop!

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