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Monday, January 14, 2013


Sinful Colors are by far one of my favorite brands of nail polish! The are a good price and very good quality polish. I would highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried them :)

The colors I'm showing you today are some of my favorite by Sinful Colors so far! Innocent, Savage,  Figi and Gone Platinum.

This first one is Figi, it is a very pretty, sheer purple color. This is a very unique polish, I don't have anything else like this one. I have similar shades of purple, but the consistency of this polish is quite different than anything I have tried before. It only takes 2 coats to become opaque, and at first, because it's such a different consistency I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. But once I finished it with a top coat, I couldn't stop staring at it :)

If you want a lime green polish I highly recommend Innocent :) This color is so much fun and when you have it on your fingernails you can't help but always stare at your hands lol. This color only needed 2 coats, and I can already see in my mind some designs I would love to try with this color!

Savage is the color I am most excited about! :P This is the other polish I did not put a top coat over. When I put the first coat on I was shocked that it had a matte finish. It doesn't say anywhere on the bottle that this is a matte polish. But, I am IN LOVE with it!! :)

If you can't tell I really like purple polishes :) This one is Gone Platinum and it only needed one coat. The thing I love about this purple is it has a little bit of a silver tint. I think it would look stunning with silver stamped over top. That's probably the best thing about doing swatches, you get your wheels turning and you have so many ideas once you see a color on your nails! :) I see more designs in the near future! ;) hahaha.

This last swatch is kind of a surprise! :) Obviously I did this over top of Innocent, and it is not a polish by Sinful Colors. This star sparkle polish is by Fergie. I found it at Walgreens for $2 or $3. I bought it because I love stars! They are my favorite shape! 

If I didn't love stars so much I would not really like this polish though. It was kind of a lot of work to get the stars out. I really had to dig into the bottle to get stars onto the brush, and then I had a ton of clear polish on the brush...but because of how fun and cute they look on my nails I can't say I don't like it :P


  1. How do you like the quality of the polishes? Did they chip quickly? I see these at CVS/Walgreens all the time and the price is great but haven't tried them yet.

  2. Oh I absolutely love these polishes!! They are in my top 2 favorites so far :) I would definitely recommend you try them :)