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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey everyone :) I apologize it's so late, I've been in the car all day with no computer. Today's design was a Half Moon Mani. Very simple design, but it's actually the first time I have actually tried it.

I added a matte polish to the top of this design to give it a different look because of how simple of a design it was. For this look I used China Glaze, Concrete Catwalk and a black striper polish. Using the black striper polish made it easy to free-hand the half moons, instead of using tape or stickers as guidelines (because I didn't have any lol).

This design is nice for a day but the thing I've noticed with matte polishes is they crack. If your nails bend the polish will crack along that line...I don't like that, so it's good that these were only one day nails. If I can get a good picture tomorrow before I remove this design, I will show you what I mean by the polish cracking.

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