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Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey everyone! I apologize I'm posting todays design so late...todays design is Metallic Nails :) Now to be honest I'm not so big on metallic nails, so if you don't think my nails today are metallic-y, I won't be offended hahaha. Also, before today I didn't have any metallic polishes. My mom showed me this months catalog for Ulta and how some of there polishes are buy 2 get 1 free (go get some before it's over! :P ) so I bought China Glaze, Liquid Leather because I'm almost out and you can never have to much black, Frostbite, Coconut Kiss, Unpredictable, Passion and Fairy Dust.

For this design I used Coconut Kiss, Passion and Fairy Dust. I absolutely love Coconut Kiss (it's the purple color). It's such a beautiful shade of purple, I highly recommend it :) The stamp I used was CH11 with Passion, and I covered it with Fairy Dust.

These nails make me think of royalty...purple and gold together always make me think of royalty for some reason. I actually think purple is the color of royalty. So I'm going to call this my Royal Metallic Nail Design :P I hope you like it!

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