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Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's day 20! That means Water Marble :S I was so sad to take off my Galaxy Nails, but I am so grateful I am doing this challenge and taking pictures, otherwise it would have meant nothing haha.

So today's water marble was my second attempt (Ever!) and although it did work for me this time, it's still very messy and my "Perfectionist-Self" doesn't like that very much.

I hesitated to even upload these pictures because I think they look bad, But! I'm forcing myself now and I think I will be glad I did later. This will show me later on if I make any progress on my future attempts hahaha. The thing I did realize though was that the design turned out much better if I stuck close to the middle section of polish. If I went more towards the edges it didn't turn out so well...hence my middle and ring fingers.

My pinky turned out extremely well! I love it! :) I'm happy that at least one turned out really well...if it hadn't I probably would have given up. And surprisingly, these were the first colors I chose. My first attempt today wasn't good, so I changed polishes thinking it was the polishes (and not the user :P) and I changed polishes about 8 times hahaha. But I came back to these three. I used Sinful Colors, Exotic Green, Gone Platinum and Let's Meet. The purple one (Gone Platinum) has some shimmer to it, so when I tried to clean up my nails the shimmer was everywhere and I couldn't get it off.

After having these on for most of the day and going to work with them on, I started to like them more (which is good lol). In the photos they look so bad to me, but on my hand they look decent. And now that I know what to do I will definitely try again, because now I know what not to do.

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