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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


You guys are going to love my nails today!!! I'm so excited about them! :D Today is Rainbow Nails and I figured out what I wanted to do when I saw my fun DIY project on the wall that I did with my friend Stephanie. It's a canvas with crayons that I melted with a blow dryer (very fun and easy project if you want to try it). Seeing the crayons inspired my today for rainbow nails! So I started to it...and my perfectionist self wasn't happy with any of the results, so I looked up a video I saw about a year ago by Robin Moses, which you can see here, just so I could figure out how to make the crayons look like crayons.

Aren't they so cute!? They were really easy to do (once I understood how lol) ...and I apologize for the lighting, I know it's not the best.

I used alot of colors for this design so bear with me as I name them all :P I started with a base coat by Revlon, then the colors are L.A. Colors, Purple and Pink (I apologize, they do not have names, I bought them in a pack at Ross), Sinful Colors, Exotic Green, Timbleberry, and Snow Me White, China Glaze colors, Happy Go Lucky, Gaga For Green, Flyin' High, Coconut Kiss, Frostbite and Liquid Leather, the last 2 were Silky Polish, Dupion Tang and Viole Serenade. I finished the design with a topcoat of Seche Vite. Whew, that would have been a mouthful if I was saying them all out loud hahaha.

And here is a picture of the DIY crayon art that is hanging on my wall :)

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